Enviro Health Solutions specialize in Non-Toxic Pest control and Disinfection treatment prevention programs and solutions. Our Certified services and treatments are aimed towards the exterminating and control of pest and insect infestations in the workplace. These treatments directly uplift and raise the standards of Health and Hygiene, through eliminating all vectors (carriers of harmful diseases) that directly hold various health risks towards people. We render our services and support to Offshore, Marine and Port industries, through the implementation of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems on board the client’s offshore installations, shipping and cargo liners, vessels or onshore and port assets. EHS is a South-African based company, registered and accredited with the Department Agriculture-Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), South African Pest Control Service Industries Board (PCSIB) and South-African Pest Control Association (SAPCA), all recognized by the World Health Organisation, (WHO). Our operations are focused on the global Offshore, Marine and Port industries, while continuing with our specialized service maintenance and dedication, keeping our clients satisfied through our exceptional standard of service and supply delivery


Our pest control and disinfection treatment services and systems implemented in the Offshore, Marine and Port industries, serves as direct preventative maintenance systems against insect and pest infestations on board installations, shipping liners, and various vessels, as well as onshore and port assets. EHS’s specialized and well developed treatments directly results in uplifting and raising the standards of Health and Hygiene, through elimination, prevention and controlling of various pest issues that holds a direct health risk towards humans. These ongoing and potentially harmful issues around untreated installations, shipping and cargo liners, vessels and port assets, have been positively identified and confirmed by various on board camp bosses, doctors, heads of departments and crew members of various companies. Various Health risks, food contamination, the presence and spreading of dangerous and deadly diseases, structural damage and financial loss, is a direct result of untreated pest and insect issues as mentioned above. The direct results of creating a Safe, Health Risk Free and Hygienically clean work environment, through Safe and Effective identification and elimination, prevention, control and maintaining of pest and insect issues, through EHS’s implemented pest management systems on board various clients’ assets, comes highly recommended.


All our pest control and disinfection treatment solutions and products are non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive, registered and 100% safe for personnel, crew and staff-members.All projects, jobs and daily on board duties can resume as per normal schedule during all our treatments, without causing any conflicting activities. All pest control product applications and systems implemented are active and effective against pest and insect infestations for up to 4 monthsAll EHS pest control officers are compliant to offshore safety standards, specific certification requirements, vessel schedules and on board regulations.EHS supplies a detailed Risk Assessment (RA), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all equipment and products used, and implement the daily Permit To Work(PTW) system on board, during all our operations.



Direct spray treatments to eliminate, prevent and control mosquito populations and breeding cycles.


The eradication and control of rats and mice, through implementation of rodent elimination feeding stations.


Elimination, prevention and control of mosquito and fly populations, the breaking of breeding cycles, and implementation and installation of bait stations, traps and spray treatments against these infestations.


Direct spray treatments to eliminate, prevent and control cockroaches, various insects, and their breeding cycles.


Direct spray applications against surface and air-borne mould, spores, germs, and bacteria accumulation and cross-contamination.


A specialized vacuum, steam, disinfection and pest control treatment to sleeping bunks, mattresses and carpets, against bed bugs, lice, dust mites and insect breeding.